Sunday, March 29, 2009

Visiting Walong - Some noteworthy noting!

During the 1962 Indo China war, as a 10 year old but avid newspaper reader, I recall Battles of Bomdi La and Walong as brave heart efforts of Indian soldiers! Later, during the 1965 Indo Pak war, our social studies school teacher replaced classroom teaching with assignments to recall the previous Indian wars. We the young VII std students collected information, stories about the army which fought such battles, about the weapons and ammunition used etc. And once again, in 1975, as a fresh doctor in his first job seeking exercise, I had applied for MO, PHCs posts in Arunachal Pradesh – and Walong was one of them! So, once a happenstance, twice, a coincidence but thrice being a conspiracy, I had to go there. Now, the absurdity of the Indo China War or war in general is clear but the old memories remain. So in January this year I went to Walong,. The results of my investigations are here in form of an e-book!

Arunachal Pradesh – the Land of the Rising Sun is the largest state of the North East region where the dawn breaks. Literally speaking, it has the sunrise point of India – at Dong village. The state is twice as large as Kerala. The diversity of the land and rivers, of grass, plants and trees, of birds and animals, of neighbourhoods, of crops and of the people residing there is such that it would not be wrong to call it a miniature India.

Public Private Partnership has taken roots after the NRHM was launched. Several governments announced and tried to hand over the PHCs to voluntary organizations for managing it. The purpose was that they can apply innovative methods to make services more accessible and user friendly. States like Karnataka tried it quite successfully earlier. Arunachal Pradesh being a remote state it was a challenging field to provide Primary Health Care. Karuna Trust , a renowned NGO from Karnataka accepted this challenge and the Government handed over 9 PHCs covering approximately 2 lakh population. In January 2009, I visited one of the PHC to learn the good practices applied at the PHCs by Karuna Trust.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dip Tinking by D*H*R*U*V* M*A*N*K*A*D

American Humor is an old and avidly read - and seen on the screen - tool to reduce depression and high blood pressure. Mark Twain's Colonel Beriah Sellers, two lovable frauds in Huckleberry Finn, the King and the Duke, James Thurber's 'a little man', Clarence Day Sr. a stockbrocker-cum-father of Clarence Day Jr. in printed literature were pen-driven ticklers. Charley Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy or Sister Mary Claernce of The Sister Act films, Chief Inspector Clauseau in the Pink Panther series in cinema were camera captured de-depressers.

Hyman Kaplan is one such character of American Literature created by
Leo C. Rosten.(lee Leonard Q. Ross) He is a middle-aged Jewish immigrant who is studying English at the beginner’s level. The story 'Dip Tinking by H*Y*M*A*N* K*A*P*L*A*N' is a platter of his dreams and thoughts with a tang of black humor - live humor of those who are struggling to learn how to create their own identity, a decent livelihood, a presence in a society where competition is a way of life.

So, you would see some of my 'dip tinking' on this blog. Think about it! Enjoy it!

Jai ho!