Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are 'Good' Practices after all really 'good' or just goody!

In this era of transition, (I don't know how long this transition is to last, or will it really last!)we look at practices which are good. I mean. look at the issue of malnutrition - we spend hours (governments have spent years) to ensure nutrition - to the deprived, the hungry with the aim of reducing their hunger, their appetite. Wait a minute, let me correct myself, we do it to reduce deaths - of children below 6, people who may die due to hunger! We do it to reduce IMR! Or thats what we measure to what we did was correct or not...

I have not heard of any feast, meal, parties which is designed for this purpose. We do it to satiate us, or those who are enjoying it! We measure by asking them,"Hope you liked it". Now, when I go around looking at the Anganwadis, I look at the register but no children. If I meet them I look at their weighing scale's face for their weights but not their faces - happy or sad!

So, now I have been having some 'dip-tinking' about the Good Practices in RCH I which we had studied. The document is available on linkage given on the left side.

It talked about activities which increased RCH's programme outputs. outcomes and impact. I am now rephrasing it as 'Good Practice Study for Women, men and children happiness!'I may restrict it to health services only but isn't joy and happiness is a part of mental health! I am sure the study would definitely reduce one type of death - the death of sensitivity!